According to a survey carried out by, Everton fans consume an average of 43 units per week, followed by fans of Crystal Palace (40 units) and Chelsea fans (35 units). Down is the top ten short list of Premier League fans ranked by how much they drink.

10. Arsenal -21 Units

Arsenal fans must pay more for a pint of beer than any of their Premier League rivals, with pints at the Emirates Stadium priced at £4.30. But they still manage to consume 21 units.

9. Liverpool -23 Units

Led by the Liverpool boss, Liverpool fans come 9th. Supporters at Anfield, meanwhile, can enjoy a drink for £3.30 when toasting the Reds’ latest exploits.

8. Manchester City -25 Units

Manchester City also pay under £4 for a pint; £3.40 at the Etihad Stadium. With the fans having had the Premier League season, you can’t expect less than 25 units.

7. Burnley -26 Units

When all participants were asked if they were currently in debt, it was found that Burnley (64%) came second, after Liverpool (68%); quite a drinking record.

6. Stoke City -20 Units

Stoke may have had one of the bad seasons, but seems like fans would find consolation in drinking. Bet they could be number one on the Championship drinking list next season.

5. Manchester United -31 Units

Apart from the 31 units, it was also revealed that Manchester United and Liverpool were the two groups of fans who smoked most, with 51% and 47% respectively saying they did.

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