It’s a tale as old as time. Boy meets Girl. Boy falls in love with Girl. Girl realizes Boy is an internationally famous super star. Girl and Boy live happily ever after in a gigantic mansion. If you’ve been dreaming of spending life with your favorite celebrity, this list of famous footballers who married their fans will give you hope.

5. David de Gea and Edurne

Edurne García Almagro is a Spanish singer, actress, and TV presenter. Born in Madrid, Edurne had long been a fan of one of best goalkeepers in the world, David de Gea. They have been dating since 2010. The singer regularly shares pictures of herself and her footballer boyfriend on social media.

4. Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio

Pilar Rubio Fernández is a Spanish reporter and TV presenter. The Spanish superstar and now actress, has long had a crush on the Real Madrid captain, and fan of his game. The couple has been together since September 2012. They have three sons: Sergio (born 6 May 2014), Marco (born 14 November 2015), and Alejandro (born 25 March 2018).

3. Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo

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Since 2008, when he was 20, Messi has been in a relationship with Antonella Roccuzzo, a fellow native of Rosario. He has known Roccuzzo since he was five years old, as she is the cousin of his best friend since childhood, Lucas Scaglia, who is also a football player.

Roccuzzo could always be there to see the boys play, and has long adored Messi’s style of play. She was always there to support him, and Messi was aware.

After keeping their relationship private for a year, Messi first confirmed their romance in an interview in January 2009, before going public a month later during a carnival in Sitges after the Barcelona–Espanyol derby.

The couple has three sons: Thiago (born 2012), Mateo (born 2015) and Ciro (born 2018).

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