Premier League relegation battle is on already after only 12 matches into the new season. Fulham is the first club to press the panic button. They sacked the manager who helped the club get promoted to hire former Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri. Last season, Stoke City, West Bromwich Albion, and Swansea City dropped to the Championship. Today, we want to look at five all-time Kings of relegation in English football.

5. Sunderland & Sheffield Wednesday- 9 Times

Sunderland troubles are not about to end any time soon. The Black Cats were relegated from Premier League in 2016/17 season. The fans expected them to bounce back immediately but now they have dropped further. They finished last in the Championship which means they are now playing in League One.

Sheffield Wednesday finished 15th in 2017/18 season in the Championship. It was a terrible performance after reaching the playoffs in the previous season under Swansea City former boss Carlos Carvalhal. In their history, they have been relegated 9 times to occupy the fifth place in our list. Plymouth Argyle has also gone down nine times.

4. Manchester City- 10 Times

Premier League champions Manchester City is unstoppable these days but the story was different before the arrival of Sheikh Monsour in 2008. The Citizens were a middle table club fighting to beat the drop every season. The club has been relegated 10 times in their history. Sky Blue fans need to thank Abu Dhabi royal family for making them a top club not only in England but also in Europe. Other clubs with 10 relegations include West Bromwich Albion, Millwall, and Barnsley.

3. Leicester City- 11 Times

Leicester City shocked the World in 2015/16 season when they won the Premier League title. It was a miracle that might never happen again in decades. The story has not always been rosy for the King Power club. In fact, out of all 20 clubs in the League at the moment, they hold the record for most drops with 11. Other clubs with 11 relegations include Stoke City and Bolton Wanderers.

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