Some famous footballers started the World Cup 2018 with rotten luck. Some might be hitting their old age while others are just being unlucky. They give all their best to find the net but success never show up. All in all, let us go through the top 5 cursed players in this world cup so far.

5. Edinson Cavani – Uruguay

Even though Uruguay national team has already made it to the next stage, Cavani still has a lot to prove. The normal Edinson does not play two games without scoring at least once. But this time things look different as the Uruguayan has taken 9 shots without a chance to score once.

4. Thomas Muller – Germany

Actually, Thomas Muller is Germany’s key to winning. But in their last game, which Germany lost, Muller did not make a single shot on target. That is something strange and as the striker is known for his thirsty to goal, destroying defenses and goalkeepers.

3. Mohamed Salah – Egypt

Salah helped Egypt qualify for the World Cup by scoring all goals. Unfortunately, an injury made him lose their first game against Uruguay. The next game against Russia, Salah played but not fit enough to grab the victory. He took managed to score one goal in the 4 shots he got on target. It’s obvious that Egypt was eliminated due to the luck of the unlucky Muhamed Salah.

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