Footballers do score on the pitch, but they are good at scoring off the pitch well. Some choose to keep their off-pitch business privy, but others choose to prove their love publicly. Down are five of the footballers caught kissing in public.

5. Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema has been dating some of the hottest women on the planet. The list would be long to fit in this article, but his ex-girlfriends include Analica Chaves, Zahia Dehar, Jenifer Bartoli, Sarah Williams, Rihanna, etc.

And he never makes his kisses business privy.

4. Messi

This is not a guy shy enough too be kissing in public. There were fears that all the high profile WAGS attending Messi’s wedding last year would take the attention away from the Messis. But they were lucky enough no other couple kissed, cause Messi’s kiss was weird.

Mad Villainy wrote: “Messi went to kiss his bird like a T-Rex would approach someone before screening them.” JYusif added: “Love Messi but this kiss makes me embarrassed.”

Sade also wrote: “Messi is the greatest footballer ever but can’t kiss at all… he had to be bad at something.”

3. Neymar

When the most marketable footballer meets a model and actress, then you know it’s going down everywhere. Neymar and Bruna Marquezine won’t ever be shy to be seen kissing in public. Be it on a red carpet, in cinema, nights outs, they will kiss everywhere, every time.

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