All European Leagues are off for two weeks to pave way for the dreaded International break. The good news is UEFA Nations League now returns on our screens. Other matches to enjoy in this tough period include AFCON and Copa America qualifiers. Today, as we continue to tolerate international football, let us look at the six most violent football fans in the world today.

6. Universitario de Deportes- Peru

South America has some of the most passionate fans in the World, especially in football. Peru side Universitario de Deportes fans are the most feared. They sometimes burn cars and buses of opposing teams. The fans became famous for throwing a rival fan over the Stadium wall. The fan later died due to head injuries.

5. Millwall Fans- England

England crown for most notorious fans goes to London championship side Millwall. The group calls themselves Millwall Bushwackers. This Ultra has been involved in football violence and hooliganism since the 1970s and 80s.

The worst so far from the group came in 1985 when violence erupted after a 1-0 defeat against Luton Town. The chaos became even worse when other London teams including Chelsea and West Ham joined the fight. A total of 31 supporters were arrested and many were injured.

4. Red Star Belgrade (Delije)- Serbia

Serbia capital Belgrade turns into a battleground when Red Star Belgrade is facing city rivals, Partizan. The fixture is always violent no matter what is at stake.

The problem starts with Red Star fans Ultra group called Delije which means Brave. It is one of the most feared supporters group in Europe. They create chaos everywhere they go. In fact, they were reportedly involved in the 1990s wars of independence in Central and Eastern Europe.

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