FIFA World Cup 2018 is getting to what experts call the deciding fixtures. All teams will now play their second Group games. These matches are decisive and Russia 3-0 win against Egypt shows exactly what that means. The hosts are through to the last 16 and the Pharaohs are heading home. Africa can finally smile after watching Senegal defeat favorites Poland 2-1 in their tournament opener. Portugal, Spain, and Uruguay will try their luck today against Morocco, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The showdown this year has delivered some crazy scenes. Today, we want to look at five funniest moments so far in 2018 World Cup.

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5. Alisson Deflate Balloon

Brazil started their game against Switzerland perfectly with a wonderful goal from Philippe Coutinho. However, Zuber equalizer made it hard for the Samba Boys in the second half. They ended up with only a point.

It is in this mood that a balloon with rival colors was thrown near Brazil goal by Switzerland fans. Goalkeeper Alisson Becker did not wait for referee intervention. He walked towards the big balloon and deflated it with his right boot. The commentators and fans could not stop laughing.

4. Victor Moses Dives

Nigerian lost 2-0 to Croatia in their World Cup opening match. However, what made the headlines in Africa most populous nation was useless dives by winger Victor Moses. The Chelsea star tried to win free-kicks and penalties instead of trying to score for the Super Eagles.

The referee warned him several times and then just started ignoring his appeals after simulation. Naija fans started creating hilarious memes on Social media and the star will not be impressed.

3. Russian President & Saudi Crown Prince Exchange

The most memorable moment of FIFA World Cup 2018 opening ceremony will certainly be what happened in the VIP section of the stadium. Russia thrashed Saudi Arabia 5-0 at the end but the best images came when the first goal was scored.

Yury Gazinsky netted the first goal for the hosts and what followed was a wild celebration. The cameras also captured President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman shrug and then shake hands. The two were seated on either side of FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

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