On January 8th in 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo is involved in a terrible car accident. His Ferrari is completely destroyed.

But what actually happened?

While on his way to a Manchester United training session in his luxury car, Cristiano drives into a tunnel at top speed; as he reaches the turn in the tunnel, one of his tyres bursts for no reason; ronaldo tries to keep the control by at the same time he was blinded by the light as he comes out of the tunnel; he loses the control and ends up finally crashing into a barrier. Everyone is extremely worried, but Ronaldo is tough and extremely lucky!

The police arrive at the scene and confirm that the Ferrari had a collide with the roadside barrier ‘No one was injured’ as the local police reported few minutes after the accident. No injuries, a blessing!

Considering that the car crashed against a barrier, a Manchester United spokesperson quickly made a statement to confuse ‘‘He was involved in an accident this morning. No other cars were involved. He is OK.’’

A few hours later, an eye witness explained just how lucky Ronaldo was ‘‘I got there just after the accident had happened and saw the state of the car. It is amazing that he got out of it without a scratch!’’

Happily, CR7 had the quick thinking to step on the brakes which reduced the impact. Ronaldo wasn’t too shaken and went back to training right away!

Van der Saar who was driving behind him took him straight to the team’s training ground at Carrington.

Unsurprisingly Cristiano’s Ferrari was never repaired; a specialist collected the car to put it up for sale on e-bay and its price was set at $57,000. No one knows if the car has found its buyer.

One thing is certain, Cristiano Ronaldo is a survivor!

But despite his accident, he has not been afraid to get back behind the wheel. After all, he has an extensive collection. Today he owns 28 cars worth a total of $10 million.