For many people, representing one’s country and playing international football should be the pinnacle of a player’s career, believing there ought to be great pride and honor in representing your country. However, playing for more than one country certainly seems at odds with such ideals, as it seems difficult to believe a player could have such passion and attachment to more than one nation.

5. Thiago Motta (Brazil and Italy)

Motta was always eligible for both Brazil and Italy due to heritage but started his international career with Brazil, where he was born. After gaining just two caps, he switched to Italy.

4. Wilfred Zaha (England and Ivory Coast)

England thought they were onto a real coup with the pacy winger who was capped while still a Championship player. Without a competitive cap, he switched allegiances to his birth country, the Ivory Coast, playing at the African Cup of Nations earlier that year.

3. Victor Moses (England and Nigeria)

Moses was once considered one of the wonder kids of English football. Having represented England all the way up to under-21 level,  but then declared for his birth nation, Nigeria. The same Nigeria that was not lucky in the 2-1 defeat against Argentina.

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