From the pitch to the parties, some of the most stylish footballers have a made a mark in both Fashion and on the playing field. Off the duties, you will find some in jeans, shorts, suits, and so on.  But there are those who make the exception and put on a classic look. Let us take a look at the top 5 footballers who look fresh in classy suits.

5. Andrea Pirlo

The former Italian footballer, Andrea Pirlo, has always had his signature hair and beard intact. He has also had a dress down style that’s been recognized. Andrea Pirlo’s suits are smart, classic and not over the top. He carries them well and with a fitted style and added waistcoat, the midfielder makes his messy hair look smart when suited up.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

Not only those who follow Sports know the name Cristiano Ronaldo, but also those who are into fashion. That’s because the Portuguese superstar has landed himself on best-dressed lists across the world. From his suits to the shoes, watches, and glasses, everything looks so classy and fit Ronaldo. He is such a good example to copy.

3. David Beckham

With so many looks, Beckham has made a mark in football, and fashion history. Marrying a Pop singer Victoria Beckham definitely helped the footballer become much more style conscious. But classic suits are a massive accessory in the Beckham wardrobe. With his numerous hairstyles, David has inspired millions of people with his dressing codes.

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