Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini has claimed that he never thought if a transfer for Cristiano Ronaldo to Italian champions would be possible.

Ronaldo has made a shock decision while leaving European champions Real Madrid for the Turin based club for a £105m deal this summer.

The 33-year-old, who made a decision just a few weeks after winning his fifth Champions League trophy, has become the most expensive player over 30 years.

But Chiellini has claimed that he thought Ronaldo’s transfer to Juventus was really impossible.

“[The first time I heard about Ronaldo], I said to my friends, ‘Nah, it’s impossible,’” Chiellini told ESPN. “After one day, [I thought] maybe it is possible.”

“With our manager, with our director… it’s a reality. Juventus is growing… year after year, and we need a champion like Cristiano.”

“We are excited, we are ready to work with him; all the parts of the club, the players, the marketing manager, the director, are ready to improve with Cristiano and we hope he can help us to achieve our target.”

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The five-time Ballon d’Or winner, who started his training at Allianz Stadium on Tuesday, is expected to guide the Serie A giants to their first Champions League title since 1996.

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