Argentina star Lionel Messi has dominated football in the last decade. He has done so in a manner that nobody has ever done in the history of the game. He has helped Barcelona win more trophies in the same period than in any other time in the history of the Club. The 30-year-old was the first to win 5 FIFA Ballon d’Or awards. CR7 has now leveled. We can go on and on all day but still fail to capture the real impact he has had on the game. For that reason let us focus on what you might not know about him. We look at crazy facts you don’t know about the ‘Magician’.

5. Messi height

The Barcelona football magician did not have a rosy start early on in his life. The Argentine forward was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency syndrome which in essence affected his height. However, this did not affect the development of his football skills. He has now won all trophies available in Club football. Only national team honors keep evading him. This includes personal honors, for instance, five FIFA Ballon d’Or awards. He grew up taking steroids to boost his growth.

4. Messi met his current wife Roccuzzo when he was 5 years old

Lionel Messi met current wife Antonella Roccuzzo when he was only 5 years old. Their close relationship did not fade away even when he moved to Barcelona aged 14 years. When time was right for marriage the five-time world player of the year went for her in Argentina. They now have three children together.

3. Messi turned down Spain for Argentina

Lionel Messi was eligible to play for Spain. He holds both Spanish and Argentina nationalities. However, he turned down the Spanish offer claiming that he always saw himself as an Argentine more.

The European side did not actually need him to succeed. In the last 10 years, they have lifted EURO Cup twice. They also won 2010 World Cup trophy held in South Africa. They are still a force in World football. On the other hand, Argentina has not won a single trophy despite having many star players in the team.

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