The game has changed significantly since the emergence of technology. Today, more associations around the World are adopting the use of Video Assistant Referee to minimize mistakes. In the last decade, a myriad of Social media platforms has emerged and changed our way of life. We are talking about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others. Top celebrities, Sportsmen, Politicians, and everybody in the public eye now needs to use the new channels of communication to reach out. In fact, some are even getting paid to post on their pages. This is the reason why we want to look at 6 best-paid footballers per sponsored post on Instagram today.

6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic- $175k per Sponsored Post

LA Galaxy star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is perhaps the most vocal footballer on social media today. The well-traveled Swedish legend has enjoyed a great start in Major League Soccer since he joined from Manchester United. He is also scoring big on Instagram. According to estimates, the forward is paid $175k per Sponsored Post on the site.

5. Gareth Bale- $185k per Sponsored Post

Gareth Bale has a chance to shine at Santiago Bernabeu now CR7 left the club. However, Real Madrid is seriously struggling to score goals this season. The Welshman is likely to be pushed out next summer to create room for another star player. Football issues aside, the Welshman earns $185k per Sponsored Post on Instagram. He also needs to grow his 38.3 million followers base on the site to stand a better chance of competing with the likes of Neymar, CR7, and Messi.

4. David Beckham- $300k per Sponsored Post

David Beckham played his last football match in 2012/13 season for Ligue 1 giants Paris Saint-Germain. The legendary English winger is remembered for his iconic free-kicks and corners that created, assisted and scored many goals in his career. He was a member of Sir Alex Ferguson class of 92. He won everything in Manchester United before switching to Real Madrid in 2003.

The former Three Lions Captain was very popular during his playing days. However, almost five years since the 43-year-old retired from the game, money is still following him. Today, thanks to his 53.4 million followers on Instagram, he earns $300k per Sponsored Post. This basically means if Social media was available during his prime, he would’ve have earned more than Ronaldo is earning today.

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