All eyes on Neymar after the exclusion of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi from the World Cup. But, though the world knows of his talents, there may be some interesting facts that are not known by many. Down are five things that only Neymar can do.

5. Three Break Ups with the same woman

Neymar and Bruna Marquezine began dating after being introduced to each other at a carnival in 2012. They split up in 2013, but they were officially back together before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

After breaking up and reuniting again in 2016, the pair split up again before the striker left Barcelona. But the couple got back together this year as Neymar was in his preparations for the World Cup after recovering from injury; quite a record!

4. He Scored His 100th Professional Goal on His 20th Birthday

Neymar celebrates his birthday on February 5. Well, in 2012, it was that very day on which he scored his 100th professional goal. The goal came against Palmeiras in the traditional Neymar way. But it was the timing of the goal that is the most surprising.

Not many can claim they have scored on their birthday. Few, if any, have set a milestone like this on their birthday. And hardly anyone did it at the age of the 20.

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3. The Only Brazilian Athlete to Be on the Cover of TIME Magazine

It is hard to believe that Neymar is the only Brazilian athlete to ever grace the cover of Time magazine. For a country that is known for their sports legends, this is truly a magnificent feat.

In fact, the only other Brazilians to find their way on the cover have been political leaders.

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