Football is mainly a man’s game. We expect to see the goals, the tackles, the moves, and the celebration but many fans don’t expect players to get too close on and off the pitch. This is because we don’t actually give ourselves a chance to even imagine players with so different backgrounds can be good friends. Today, we want to take a look at some of those footballers who have gone an extra step to share their bromance with the World.

6. Wayne Rooney and Darren Fletcher

You might not have heard about this but today am letting you know these two Manchester United legends were great friends. They spent a lot of time together and there are reports Fletcher has influenced many decisions made by Wayne Rooney over the years. The two got separated when Darren joined West Brom but whenever an opportunity presents itself you will see them together. They must have kept this bromance close to their hearts. Rooney currently plays for MLS side DC United.

5. Diego Costa and Oscar

Brazilian turned Spanish and a real Samba boy, Diego Costa, and Oscar were actually very good friends during their days at Chelsea. Forget about that day they had an altercation in training because best friends disagree sometimes. They said it themselves, they were very good friends. Unfortunately, fate could not keep them together for long. The Brazilian decided to switch to China and Costa is back at Atletico Madrid.

4. Ander Herrera and Juan Mata

When Ander Herrera joined Manchester United from Athletic Bilbao, he could have turned to a number of Spanish speaking stars in the team to show him around but he chose Juan Mata and they have been inseparable ever since. They can be seen close together in training all the time. Jose Mourinho wants the club to offer both of them new deals.

3. Thierry Henry and Robert Pires

Arsenal legends Thierry Henry and Robert Pires were not only French stars during their days at Emirates and Highbury but they were also very close friends. They could be seen hanging out together all the time and this must have helped their game. They are still good friends according to close sources.

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