The Boxing Day football was really enjoyable. Premier League fans all over the world enjoyed great games full of surprises and great performances.

Klopp and his boys strengthened their lead at the top of the table with a win over Newcastle as Tottenham moved into second after Man City lost to 2-1 to Leicester.

Here are five things we learned yesterday’s performances …

5.When it goes badly for City, it goes very badly!

Pep Guardiola’s football is like those kids who never fall sick, but when they do they have to be hospitalised for at least two months. This is the first time Man City have lost two games in a row in the Premier League since December 2016

Yesterday, Ederson conceded from his first shot faced. That has also been the case in three of their last four games. This shows how the team is very weak defensively.

Guardiola needs to do something to restore their hopes to winning the title.

4.Klopp and his boys are beginning to look like probable Champions

Only three clubs had been unbeaten at the midway stage of a Premier League season before Wednesday. The Reds added themselves to a list containing invincible Arsenal in 2003-04, Man Utd in 2010-11 and Man City in 2017-18 with their 4-0 win against Newcastle.

All those teams won the title. Is klopp going to do it too? Let’s wait and see.

3.Arsenal need to strengthen their defence

If Arsenal want to challenge for the title, there is one thing their need to fix – The back line.

They have a good attack with sharp forwards like Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang that can smash anybody, but they can’t defend.

Their yesterday’s draw at Brighton ensured that they have failed a clean sheet in their last nine away games.