Footballers and weird hairstyles have long been part of the game. From the best to the worst, there are some truly radical haircuts in football. There’re a number of players known for their unique hairstyle. But do you ever ask yourself how weird some looked like before having their Afro hair grown? Today, we’ll see seven footballers with and without their Afro hairstyle.

7. Rio Ferdinand

The less said about Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand’s afro, the better. Though today he looks smart with his haircut as a commentator, Ferdinand had Afro-hair once in English squad. But all we can say is, the bald look suits him better.

6. Leroy Sane

Sane won the PFA Young Player of the Year award in 2018. Recently, Leroy Sane surprised the world with a new look, twisting what was his beautiful Afro hair into another good looking style.

5. Mohamed Salah

2018 has been a golden year for the Egyptian superstar Mohamed Salah. His name has gone viral today and so did his hairstyle. Mohamed Salah let his hair grow to Afro, but when he was still at Chelsea, Salah looked different.

4. Willian

Brazilians and Afro must have signed some kind of contract! Willian is one of the footballers with the best Afro hair. Having his hair off would sound like a crime to him. Instead, he turns his Afro into another style.

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