Celebrities like it when they see people imitating their hairstyles. Some have got attractive haircuts while others let their Afro grow bigger and bigger. Even in football, some players do belong to that big hair world. Here the top 5 players with the biggest Afro hairstyles in the Premier League this season.

5. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

After his very impressive start at Liverpool, Mohamed Salah has gained a big place in fans’ hearts. It’s obvious that some have started imitating his afro hairstyle. Indeed, the Egyptian is one of the few players who belong to the big hair world in the Premier League.

4. Willian (Chelsea)

Since arriving at Stamford Bridge from Anzhi in 2013, Brazilian midfield bomber Willian has made the odd adjustment to his trademark Afro. Willian has got a curly hairstyle.

3. David Luiz

David Luiz keeps his hair as most of his football fans like it. In addition, according to the scientific study, bald athletes are more susceptible to heat stress, while those with long hair are less affected. So itโ€™s an advantage because it protects him from heat stress.

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