Premier League title race is officially back on after Manchester City defeated Liverpool 2-1 on Thursday night at Etihad Stadium to cut the gap between the two to only four points. Tottenham Hotspurs will also be celebrating because the result means they are back in the mix too. It was a massive game and we can all agree it did not disappoint. Today, we want to look at five special stars with most goals against the big six clubs since 2011/12 when Sergio Aguero signed for City.

5. Eden Hazard- 17 Goals Against Big Six

Chelsea playmaker Eden Hazard has so far scored 17 goals against Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Tottenham Hotspurs. The Belgian still a chance to improve on this record at least until the end of the season.

4. Robin van Persie- 18 Goals Against Big Six

Robin Van Persie will always have a special place in the hearts of Manchester United fans because of that wonderful season in 2012/13 when he single-handedly delivered the Premier League crown in Sir Alex Ferguson final season in-charge.

The Dutchman is coming to the end of his career but English football will never forget that he netted 18 goals against the big boys during his days with Arsenal and Red Devils.

3. Wayne Rooney- 20 Goals Against Big Six

Manchester United all-time best scorer Wayne Rooney holds the third spot when it comes to goals against the top six clubs in Premier League. DC United forward liked to score against Arsenal and Manchester City but he also got a few against Tottenham, Chelsea, and Liverpool.

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