After all surprising transfers that took place this summer, now it’s time to wait for the European competition. But with the new season already on the move, we’d like to go through all top 5 leagues and check who would build nice trios. Here are the best front three from Europe’s top 5 leagues.

5. Bundesliga: Marco Reus – Lewandowski – Robben


Batshuayi may have left the Dortmund side this season, but they still have a silent killer, Marco Reus, inside the squad. on the other side, Bayern Munich’s  Robert Lewandowski never stops creating fear in opponents at the Germany league. The combination of the two forwards plus the left-leged man, Arjen Robben, would set up a fire.

4. Serie A: Cristiano – Icardi – Dybala

Serie A is never the same now since Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus to change everything. Yesterday, he opened his goals account at Juventus, netting twice. The 5 time Ballon d’Or winner joining forces with the Argentinian Paolo Dybala makes a very threatening duo to watch out this year. Adding Inter Milan’s Icardi Mauro Icardi make Serie A’s best trio.

3. Ligue 1: Neymar – Cavani – Mbappe

Paris Saint-Germain’s Super Trio remains the suspects when it comes to scoring. The club expects the front three to help deliver UEFA Champions League this year. They can do it but as we saw last season, it will not be easy. However, they can destroy any team in Europe.

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