There is nothing wrong with drinking a beer after a football game. It is less harmful than a can of soda’’ said Jamie Vardy. Such statements are often heard in the world of football but is there any truth to it?

Malt used in beer production provides our body with carbohydrates which are our main source of energy. You would think then that it’s a good thing, but not really because the alcohol within beer dehydrates your body.

After the exercise, the body needs to be rehydrated and beer doesn’t help with this. Even worse, it slows down your muscular development. Alcohol reduces anabolic hormone levels like testosterone which helps in muscle growth. Following a study by an American health institute this decrease in muscle growth would be 7% per litre of beer drunk daily but this number surpasses 23% if the quantity is doubled not a hugely significant figure for an amateur player. But it is more significant for those at the professional level.

The only beer which can be good for your health is: Alcohol free beer. It essentially helps to fight certain infections such a lung infections or other minor infections.

In conclusion, beer after a game is not advised. But it’s important to not forget the idea of pleasure. At Chelsea, Conte allowed the likes of Costa to drink one bottle of beer after the game. ‘‘Just one, not two’’ said Conte.

After intensive exercise, the body sometimes needs a bit of comfort. One beer after a physical activity is not dangerous for your recovery …but of course always in moderation.