Believe it or not, but footballers have got a huge influence over us. Not only by the goals they score or the game they show on the pitch but also what they do off the pitch. We like to copy their style choices, their tattoos, and their hairstyles. In today’s piece, we’ll be looking at the hairstyles you need to be looking at in this World Cup. All in all, here are the top 8 players with the best hairstyles in this World Cup.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal

Not only is Cristiano the best in scoring goals, but also in fashion. According to the reports,  Portuguese star has to have his haircut before every single game. After winning the Champions League, Ronaldo came up with a new look. At the moment, Cristiano is in Russia with one of his most classic cuts. It’s a buzz cut with a razor poping and it really suits him.

7. Anibal Godoy – Panama

Looks like Panama’s Anibal Godoy has been watching The A-Team and is giving his opinion on flying.

6. David de Gea – Spain

Over the years, de Gea has changed his hair. But now, he’s got a long hair, wearing it more like a sort of man bun style. What makes it more interesting is that the Spanish goalkeeper does it with ease. If you want to have that hair, all you need is patience and grow it out.

5. Nordin Amrabat – Morocco

Well, does anyone remember the story of NBA’s Michael Jordan? What about his hairstyle? Well, someone just added beards to make it much better. Morocco’s Nordin Amrabat has adopted the rare bald/beard combo.

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