Not everyone will have the chance to enjoy stunning haircuts and hairstyles in their lives. Some people experience male pattern baldness as the years go by. But it doesn’t seem normal to see an under-25-years-old balding, which is the case for some footballers. Today, we will go through the top 5 active footballers who were bald at a young age.

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5. Vincent Kompany – Manchester City

Today, Vincent Kompany is 32 years old and his head is hairless. Over the years, Kompany has never been known for changing haircuts like many other footballers. The Belgian center back has just enjoyed a simple hairstyle, though it has turned into a permanent bald style.

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4. Miranda – Inter Milan

Seeing a bald Brazilian is unusual as the South Americans are known for their hair. Miranda is among the exceptions. The 33 years-old defender has got a bald head. Miranda is not only known for his defensive skills, but also for his knack of scoring some important goals with that bald head.

3. Fabian Delph – Manchester City

Fabian Delph has sported only one hairstyle since he started his football career in 2006. Manchester City left-back is bald and he is just 28 years of age.

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