Tottenham defender Serge Aurier was caught attacking a police officer in Paris when he was playing for Paris Saint Germain in 2016.  The Ivorian international elbowed his victim after he was pulled over on the side of the road outside a nightclub in May 2016 and asked to take a breath test.

Unsurprisingly, the controversial star was given a two-month suspended prison sentence and was fined £521 in damages.  Don’t think Serge Aurie is the only player to behave badly off the pitch, here we’ve decided to bring you other stupid things footballers have done on and off the pitch? Take a look at 8 most of them.

7. Ashley Cole shoots a student at Chelsea’s training ground

Back in 2011, Ashley Cole was fined by Chelsea £250,000 for shooting a student at the training ground. The former Arsenal defender wounded 21-year-old Tom Cowan after accidentally firing a high-powered air rifle he took to Cobham in morning training session.

6. Jermaine Pennant ‘forgot he owned Porsche’

Pennant, who has a sports car collection,  forgot he owned a €116,000 supercar and leaving it at a Spanish railway station for five months. His former club Real Zaragoza had to contact him to remind him he had left his property.

5. Charles N’Zogbia arrested over driving test fraud

Back in 2010, Charles N’Zogbia was arrested ‘after paying somebody else to sit for his driving theory test. He received a caution from Police.

4. Luis Suarez biting and Racially Abusing

Suarez has bitten no fewer than three players. Uruguay and Barcelona striker Luis Suarez is perhaps the most popular footballer today but for all the wrong reasons. He was banned in Holland and England for biting but the ultimate stage was Brazil 2014 World where he was caught on camera doing the same to Giorgio Chiellini. The prolific attacker has also been disciplined for racially abusing Patrice Evra.

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