David Luiz is known for his everyday sense of humor. Many football fans just can’t hate the charismatic Brazilian with the unique hairstyle. But here are six things you didn’t know about David Luiz.

6. Mocks for his strange hair

Luiz is often mocked by many of his friends for his strange haircut. But that doesn’t bother him from keeping it as most of his football fans like it. In addition, according to the scientific study, bald athletes are more susceptible to heat stress, while those with long hair are less affected. So it’s an advantage because it protects him from heat stress.

5. Luiz share the birthday with his role model

Luiz revealed that his countryman, Kaka, is his role model. Both Luiz and Kaka share the birthday, on April 22. David said that he likes Kaka’s dedication to his faith, even on the soccer field. Kaka is an Evangelical Christian who openly prays on the field and credits God for the good things that happen in his life.

4. He rejected  Portugal for his native country, Brazil

Luiz is Brazilian born but also holds Portuguese citizenship. He acquired it during his time at Benfica. He stayed in Portugal for five years and was fairly unknown in Brazil as a 19-year-old. And Portugal wanted him to represent their national team. But Luiz opted to play for his native Brazil.