Former Arsenal playmaker Paul Merson has warned new manager Unai Emery to give up on the Premier League title this season and focus on the Europa League trophy.

The North London side have started the 2018-19 season with successive defeats against champions Manchester City and Chelsea.

But the Gunners have managed to bounce back by winning two games against West Ham United and Cardiff City.

However, Arsenal legend Merson believes that his former side are still far from convincing and urged the Spaniard to concentrate his efforts in European football.

Asked what would represent a good season for Arsenal, Merson told talkSPORT: “I think sixth.”

“If they come fifth I think they would have had a right result – I think that would be brilliant.”

“And I think they’ll go for the Europa League too. I think this manager likes it, foreign managers like this competition and why not?”

“Arsenal haven’t won a European trophy since 1994.”

“They’re not going to win the Premier League, so why not have a go at it?”

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