The World Cup kicks off in Russia today with Russia playing Saudi Arabia. Some of the planet’s biggest talents will compete for the biggest prize in football. A number of stars will show off weird and wonderful body art during games. Down are five of the best hand tattoos of this summer’s world cup.

5. Sergio Ramos -Spain

Sergio Ramos has all manner of presumably meaningful things on both of his hands with the left sporting a rose in full bloom and the year 2014. The right-hand shows a number of different symbols, numbers and even measurements.

4. Roberto Firmino -Brazil

The Liverpool and Brazil forward, likely to start on the bench behind Gabriel Jesus and Neymar in Russia, has a rose emblazoned across his right hand. Then Comes the year of his birth, 1991, carved onto each of his suggests.

3. Ricardo Quaresma -Portugal

Let’s talk about the freaky eye on his right hand. The eye seems to give his hand a squid-like quality when at rest while the words “true” suggests a deeper meaning behind it all.

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