You can only envy the lifestyle of these footballers. Not only do they have their private planes, luxurious cars and homes to die for; they earn so much money they can splash out on expensive yachts too.

6. Wayne Rooney -Pershing 90 (£3m)

Rooney his missus Coleen don’t do things by halves, so it’s only natural they’d use a Pershing 90 for some holiday fun. The Yacht Built in 2013, has 5 bedrooms with bathrooms each and media room and detachable jet skis. It covers about 91 feet long on the sea.

5. David Beckham -Horizon E88 (£3.8m)

The E88 is nicknamed “The Sophisticated Lady” in the boating world, which sounds fit for the Beckhams. It has space for eight people and can reach speeds of up to 40mph, so it’s nippy in those choppy seas and ideal for Miami weather.

4. Sergio Ramos -Fairline Squadron 78 (£4.8m)

Just days before he played in the Champions League final in 2017, the Real Madrid ace spent a bit of downtime on board this super boat. He was joined by team-mates Luca Modric and Lucas Vazquez as they relaxed in Ibiza before the big game.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo -Palmer Johnson Ascari (£7.5m)

The list wouldn’t be complete without the footballer who loves to do things as luxuriously as possible. That’s why the 92-foot yacht is equipped with some incredible features, including a VIP room, which is where the Portuguese reside whenever he’s onboard.

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