2. Rivaldo: 1997-2002

World Cup and Ballon d’Or winner Rivaldo played for Barcelona between 1997 and 2002. He was one of the best playmakers in history. He played with class and confidence. He helped Camp Nou side lift 2 La Liga titles, 1 Copa del Rey trophy and 1 UEFA Super Cup. In 2002, he fell out with Louis Van Gaal and the club allowed him to join AC Milan. He lifted UEFA Champions League in his first year at San Siro.

1. Ronaldinho: 2003-08

The argument still continues anytime Ronaldinho name pops up. Football, players, legends, pundits, and fans still can’t agree who between Lionel Messi and Gaucho is the best of all time. The Argentine has lifted four UEFA Champions League trophies, five Ballon d’Or awards, and multiple La Liga titles among others but still many believe he is not there yet.

The ever-smiling Ronaldinho just wanted to entertain the fans. He lifted only 1 Ballon d’Or award in 2005, 2 La Liga titles, and 1 UEFA Champions League crown in 2006. However, many still believe he is the very best the World has ever seen. He left Camp Nou in 2008 to join AC Milan.

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