These accolades are a symbol of their hard work and passion that they have put forward in order to secure glory and a few such footballers have surprisingly won enough trophies to seal their legacy as some of the best footballers around. Down are our mighty footballers who won almost all major trophies.

4. Juan Mata – Manchester United.

Mata is considered by many as one of the most underrated talents in the football world as he is one of the most skilled attacking midfielders ever to play in the modern era. His debut season with Chelsea is what he is remembered for as he won the UEFA Champions League.

With FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, the English FA Cup, FA Community Shield, UEFA Euro, and English League Cup, Mata surely has some accolades on his CV. The UEFA Super Cup and a League title is what the Spaniard is missing.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – LA Galaxy

The Swedish has won a La Liga title, two Spanish Super Cups, 4 Serie A titles, 5 Italian Super Cups, 4 Ligue 1 titles, 2 French Cups, 4 French Super Cups, 3 French League Cups, 2 Eredivisie titles, a Dutch Cup, a FIFA Club World Cup, 2 Dutch Super Cups, a UEFA Europa League, a UEFA Super Cup and an English Super Cup, making him one of the most decorated footballers of all time.

His individual credentials as well have been more than what we can account for. A UEFA Champions League and a major International trophy is what Zlatan needs in order to complete his trophy cabinet.

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