A.K.A. – Also Known As – is a term used to express one’s nickname. People get nicknames due to what they do, the way they do it, appearances or just their behaviors. Football managers mostly get new nicknames, either from the fans or players. Some also give themselves the A.K.As. Today, we’ll go through the eight managers’ nicknames.

8. Louis Van Gaal – Daisy

Manchester United players reportedly nicknamed manager Louis van Gaal ‘Daisy’ because of his slow driving back in 2015. They nicknamed him in reference to the Morgan Freeman starring film, Driving Miss Daisy.

7. Manuel Pellegrini – The Engineer

Pellegrini was given a new nickname, ‘The Engineer’, due to his methodical approach. He is not prone to outbursts or losses of temper. He tries to explain things in a rational way, and he does not shout. Thanks to those qualities, ‘The Engineer’ Pellegrini quietly fixed Man City.

6. David Moyes – The Clueless one

The lack of any kind of tactical style of play associated with United under Moyes was further evidence to suggest his departure back in 2014. Moyes was expected to win at United, but he looked utterly clueless and devoid of ideas. That’s where the name ‘The Clueless one’ came from.

5. Jurgen Klopp – The Mad-Nerd

Some people say Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is a ‘football madman’ due to the way he acts during matches. Klopp also wears glasses as if he was an IT-man or computer genius. The combination of both sides has earned him a nickname of ‘The Mad-Nerd’.

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