We all love entertaining goal celebrations! Back in the days when there were no too many regulations, goal celebrations used to be fun. But today small stuffs like removing a shirt after scoring or celebrating in front of opponent fans earns you a yellow card.

But, there were some other scenarios where players were sent off for their creative goal celebrations. Let’s look at those …

5.Edinson Cavani

Cavani used to celebrate his goals as a sniper, but one day a referee who was anti-guns gave him a yellow card and a red card 10 seconds later because the Uruguayan international had touched him.

4.Lukasz Sapela

The goalkeeper saved a penalty and celebrated by showing – off his biceps. Result? A red card!

3.Medi Dresevic

Swedish centre-back found his goal so beautiful that he wanted to congratulate himself. He ran into the stands, sat on a seat and applauded his own effort. Problem: the referee didn’t like it!