If you follow social media account of footballers you have seen that a good number of them have visited Salt Bae’s restaurant in Dubai, Miami, New York or Istambul, The lasts to visit him are Ribery, Pogba, Lewandowski and Messi. Here are the reasons why footballers are obsessed with him.

1.He is a showman

Salt Bae knows how to grab people’s attention. In videos posted on social media, the butcher shows up the unconventional way he cuts meat and his unique way of salting food went viral.

The character’s ability to not taking himself seriously is charming; with his black sunglasses and tight suit or long sleeves shirt he is the image of quickness.

Those who don’t find him ridiculous are happy to be part of the show trying to imitate him.

For New Year’s eve Franck Ribery and Lewandowski ordered a steak decorated in gold in same meal which cost 1,400 USD and perfectly sums up Salt Bae’s personality.

2.The location of his restaurants

In addition to attracting stars with his eccentricity, Salt Bae knows where they like to spend time. At any available opportunity, footballers head to the most expensive destinations, Dubai, Istambul, Miami, New York… During his recovery in Dubai Benjamin Mendy went to one of his restaurant to learn Salt Bae’s famous skills.

3.His food

In addition to strategic geographic location, Salt Bae’s restaurants offer a meal suitable for athletes’ strict diet, Red meat and salad.

For a top level footballer, an evening with Salt Bae promises to be entertaining, fun and without risks.

Salt Bae has become friend with lots of footballers. He was invited to Real Madrid hotel before the Champions League final and even allowed to the locker room.