Like other celebrities, football players care about their looks and always try to bring in something new to impress their fans. But, things don’t go as planned always. Sometimes the outcome is terrible. Today we want to look at footballers who were almost unrecognizable after changing their hairstyle.

5.David Silva

Silva played for only two clubs during his career so far. He joined Valencia’s youth academy when he was only 14 years old, and left in 2010 when he moved to Manchester City, the club he is playing for till today.

He is now one of the best players at the club. Apart from his beautiful skills, another thing that has remained remarkably consistent is his hair.

But all good things come to an end, and now Silva has decided to shave and adopted the skin head style like his manager.

4.Marouane Fellaini

Another man who recently decided to shave his signature hair is Manchester United midfielder Marrouane Fellaini.

When he joined Everton in 2008, his hairstyle was very famous and fans liked it so that even some of them would come to stadium wearing wigs trying to look like him.

However, the today’s red devils’ man decided to shave his famous big hair one day before his 31st birthday.

The Belgian international posted three pictures of his new hair to Instagram. He captioned his entry with: “New year, new look #birthdaytomorrow.”

3.Romelu Lukaku

During his days at Everton, Lukaku was much known for his incredible striking skills, but also for his beautiful dreadlocks.

After just one season at the Merseyside club, the then Belgian youngster decided to cut-off his dreadlocks and he was looking almost unrecognisable without his trademark hairstyle.

‘It was time… bye dreads,’ Lukaku wrote on his Instagram shortly after removing his dreads