Celebrating after scoring is a common thing in football. Players celebrate in very many different ways from dancing to showing some acrobatic skills or doing some other signs that might be conveying a specific message. Today, we want to discover the meanings behind Messi celebrating styles.

4.Hitting His Head

During Barcelona’s UEFA champions League match against Tottenham, Lionel Messi celebrated his brace with a strange dance. He hit his own head several times because his son Mateo asked him to do so. Even during an important game, the modern football icon thinks about his children!

3.Pointing fingers up to the sky

This is his most iconic celebration. It is a tribute to his grandmother, Celia who was the very first person to teach Messi how to kick a ball. She was the first to defend him when everyone thought Messi was weak. She was the first to believe in him.

2.Shirt celebration   

He did this after he scored at Bernabeu to remind fans that he is the best. That he is better than Ronaldo. The Portuguese star copied the famous celebration after scoring at  Camp Nou few days later

1.Kissing Barcelona badge

Lionel Messi is probably the most loyal active player. Barcelona is the only club he has played for in his entire career. He celebrates kissing club’s badge to show that he love La Blaugrana and that he will never leave.