Some people said he was too old to rise to the challenge, but at almost 34 Ronaldo yet again proves that he is a beast, he scored 15 goals since he arrived last summer and became 2nd Juventus’s best scorer in 2018. How did Ronaldo managed to adapt so quickly? Let’s break it down …

1.His humility

The main reason for his integration is his Humility. Some people think Ronaldo is arrogant but to integrate to team as great as Juve he was the opposite, he tried hard to get along with his teammates rather than show off his global fame.

‘‘He is an extraordinary player and a very humble man, who’s adapted perfectly to the team’’ Said Maximilliano Allegri

‘‘He is a very humble boy, very helpful.’’ Said Bonnuci

‘‘He gets along very well with everyone.’’ Said Dybala

CR7 is smart he is understood well that he needed to fit in fast.

2.Turin’s welcome

From the teammates to the locals they all did their outmost to make Ronaldo feel at home.

‘‘I was given a fantastic welcome by everyone. My family and I are very happy!’’

Ronaldo gives some of that happiness back. Last Christmas he moved the public by going to a Turin hospital, he visited children suffering from Cancer and he even gave them presents.

3.His hard work

Ronaldo works extremely hard to stay on top of his game. ‘‘In Italy there are less spaces than in Spain or in England. The teams are very well organized but my hard work, determination and Motivation are unchanged in training and during each game’’ said Ronaldo

Cristiano work so hard, so that he is already an example to all his teammates.

‘‘It is impossible to train like Cristiano. I’ve never seen anything like it.’’ Said Douglass Costa

‘‘We just got back from a long trip to Manchester. We were exhausted after the game! I saw him at the gym the day after and he told me he needed to keep on working! He is a leader, a role model. The way he trains inspires us to improve.’’ Said Matuidi

The love story of Juventus and CR7 has had a perfect start. How long will the honey moon last? We wish him well!