JOSE OUT: Top 5 BURNING Reasons why Mourinho will be sacked by JUNE 2018

JOSE OUT: Top 5 BURNING Reasons why Mourinho will be sacked by JUNE 2018

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is a cornered man. He is between a rock and a very hard place and there is no way 999 or 911 can help. He is neither in charge nor is present like we used to know him, and the decline in tactics slowly affecting his players. On Tuesday night, his negative tactics handed Sevilla their first win in England in 60 years. A team worth £64 million outplayed a giant at Old Trafford. The 2-1 defeat thanks to second-half substitute Wissam Ben Yedder might be the last nail in the ‘Special One’ coffin. The Portuguese magician is a crossroads and the sword might fall on him soon.

Today, we look at reasons why Mourinho may not be at Old Trafford dugout by June;

5. Dream Job hoodoo

Hoodoo- ‘A thing that brings bad luck’

Jose Mourinho dream was to manage Manchester United after Sir Alex Ferguson retirement. He made clear even before leaving Chelsea in 2007 that he wanted to Coach at Old Trafford one day. When he took over at Inter Milan in 2009, he continued to say so in hidden language and the tone was the same at Real Madrid.

When Ferguson decided to leave in 2013, ‘The Special One’ dream job was gone, the long-serving manager chose his fellow Scotsman David Moyes from Everton. He failed and the club brought in Louis Van Gaal but he also failed.

Now it was the time to bring in Jose Mourinho, he finally got his dream job. There were reports that he shed tears when he learned Moyes had beaten him to the job in 2013. Now he is in charge, but that is where the hoodoo comes in.

Dream jobs tend to be tougher than expected. There are lots of emotions involved and that is where things go wrong. We all saw what happened to Rafa Benitez at Real Madrid. He lasted for only 8 months at Santiago Bernabeu after shedding all those tears of joy when Fiorentina Perez handed him the job. Mourinho is likely to follow that direction soon.

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4. He is battered Man

Battered- ‘Injured by repeated blows or punishment’.


Jose Mourinho is a battered man. The horrible experience at Stamford Bridge at the end of his second tenure at Chelsea seriously injured his ego. You can still see shadows around his eyes to date, a clear indication of the heavy cloud still hanging over his head. The decline in London went spectacularly wrong for a man so proud. He will need to recover from that first but unfortunately Manchester United is so huge for that kind of redemption.

3. He is repeating Moyes & Van Gaal mistakes

When Jose Mourinho took over in July 2016, he told the fans to forget the last three years Louis Van Gaal and David Moyes were in charge and instead help him bring back Sir Alex Ferguson success of 2013 and before.

However, if you look at the way his team is playing and the results he has managed to get so far, It is pretty obvious that just like Van Gaal and Moyes, his team lacks Identity. You cannot see any bright future going forward, the same feeling fans had when the other two were in charge. How can a team that has spent so much money record 4 shots on target in 180 minutes against Sevilla? Sad.

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