BEARDS PROS: Top 6 BEARD Masters in Football Today

BEARDS PROS: Top 6 BEARD Masters in Football Today

Footballers are good at displaying a sense of style and fashion every time they come out to play for their clubs. Take for instance Ronaldo and his trademark celebration, hair Cut and a muscular body. That is his style and it suits him. He doesn’t keep a beard but he likes it that way, his biggest rival Lionel Messi has in recent months taken a different direction. His beard is slowly taking shape and many of his fans are left guessing what might come next.

Today,  therefore,  let’s take a look at beards kings in the World today;

6. Olivier Giroud- Chelsea


Chelsea striker has not been so prolific in front of goal in recent months but his beard keeps growing. The French forward was linked with a move to Serie A but in January he ended up at Stamford Bridge. He now needs to hit the ground running to avoid suffering the same problem he had of seating on the bench at Emirates.

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5. Lionel Messi- Barcelona

Barcelona star Lionel Messi was always a soft looking man. One day someone whispered to him that a beard will make him look more serious, he has not shaved ever since and the result is pretty good.

4. Tim Howard- Colorado Rapids


Former Everton number one goalkeeper Tim Howard could stop almost every shot coming his way but he seems to struggle to control his massive beard from growing.

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