Monday’s Manchester United News – United Attacking-Midfielder In Line For Pay Rise

Monday’s Manchester United News – United Attacking-Midfielder In Line For Pay Rise

Liverpool legend apologises for spitting on Manchester United fans; while Jose Mourinho admits Sevilla & Brighton games are more important than the 2-1 victory over Liverpool.

Jamie Carragher apologises for spitting on Manchester United fans

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has apologised for his spitting incident involving a Manchester United fan and his daughter on Saturday.

The Sky Sports football pundit has revealed that he was goaded several times by the United fan following Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford.

“I lost my head,” Carragher told The Mirror on Sunday night. “It was a bit more than ‘hiya Jamie, it was 2-1’. It went on for two or three times,I drove away at first and it just continued and continued.”

“I was leaving the ground and trying to keep my head down. I thought it was a Liverpool fan at first wanting an autograph at first so I stopped. It carried on and I drove away but it carried on again and I lost my head.”

“I shouldn’t have done it but I was thinking – what is a grown man doing, carrying on like that two or three times with his daughter in the car?”

Carragher added: “I will apologise to the daughter.”

The Sky Sports have confirmed that they will have a serious word on the incident after describing it as ‘unacceptable behaviour’.

Mourinho admits Sevilla & Brighton games are more important than Liverpool

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has confirmed that UCL clash with Sevilla on Tuesday and FA Cup showdown with Brighton on Saturday are more important than EPL’s 2-1 win over Liverpool.

United, who are looking to reach the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals, drew 0-0 in the first leg against Sevilla in Spain in February.

“Sevilla and Brighton are more important than Liverpool,” Mourinho told reporters. “Liverpool is Liverpool, Liverpool is a big match, Liverpool is a match against a valid competitor for the top four. But nothing is decided.”

“We have eight more matches to play so 24 points to play for. But Brighton is die or live and Sevilla is die or live so the next two are much more important than the last one.”

“I think in modern football you live day-by-day and week-by-week and match-by-match, and we have a match in two days,” he added.

“I can imagine if we lose against Sevilla on Tuesday, everyone will forget what we did in the past couple of weeks.

“That’s modern football, you have to live in the moment and cope with it. So yes, we beat Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and only City we didn’t beat from the top six at this moment. But that means nothing because in football now you have to prove [yourself] every day.”

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