Top 6 Famous Footballers Who Absolutely Hate Rival Clubs

Top 6 Famous Footballers Who Absolutely Hate Rival Clubs

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique is well known for mocking his club’s eternal rivals Real Madrid, The Catalan man has never been shy about expressing his lack of love for Los Blancos. We shouldn’t be too surprised to see more coming attacking shots from the former Manchester United defender to Bernabeu outfit in the coming weeks, but for now let’s have a look at some more footballers who really, really hate rival clubs.

6. Jack Wilshere – Tottenham Hotspur

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere doesn’t like Tottenham. The English star was once fined £40,000 and warned as to his future conduct after an expletive-laden rant mocking Tottenham Hotspur at his club’s 2015 FA Cup winners’ parade.

5. Wayne Rooney – Liverpool


Everton striker Wayne Rooney has two strong reasons why he should hate Liverpool at any cost, he started his career at his beloved Everton before joining the Reds’ all-time rivals Manchester United, helping the later to surpass Liverpool as England’s most successful club.

4. Gary Neville – Liverpool

Another Manchester United legend, who declared his hate to Liverpool, is Gary Neville. He Once told a club fanzine: “I can’t stand Liverpool, I can’t stand the people, I can’t stand anything to do with them,” leading to United fans creating the chant “Gary Neville is a red, he hates Scousers”.

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