GOSH: Top 7 Female footballers that can make you BREAK Your NECK

GOSH: Top 7 Female footballers that can make you BREAK Your NECK

Football is no more a man game alone, women have made great strides in the last 20 years. For instance, Women World Cup matches continue to attract a lot of viewership worldwide. We all know players like Marta and Wes Morgan something that was almost impossible in the last couple of years. Today, we take a look at hottest female footballers in the game today.

7. Lauren Sesselmann –Canada

American born Canadian experienced defender Lauren Sesselmann takes position seven on the list. She is an attraction to many but her exploits on the pitch are what makes heads to roll. She currently plays for Santa Clarita Blue Heat.

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6. Julia Simic -Germany


Simic currently plays for Freiburg. She also played for Bayern Munich women team before moving to her current team. He plays as a midfielder. When it comes to her look, let the picture speak.

5. Toni Duggan –England


England and Barcelona striker Toni Duggan is a rare gem in the English line-up. She takes position five in the log and you will agree with me she fully deserves to be on the list. She is one of the few Britons playing abroad and all is well for her in Catalunya.

4. Laure Boulleau-France


Plays for Paris Saint-Germain women team as a left back, she is a real example of beauty and class. The concoction is even better when you add the French suave in her game. She is a crowd favorite in Paris.

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