SUPER CRASH: Top 6 Football Stars who CRASHED Expensive Super Cars

SUPER CRASH: Top 6 Football Stars who CRASHED Expensive Super Cars

3. Anderson- Audi R8

Former Manchester United midfielder Anderson is a lucky man to be alive. One day he drove all the way to Lisbon Portugal to have a good time at a nightclub called Sardinha Biba. On his way back to Manchester, he had a terrible accident that left him unconscious. The Brazilian was pulled out of the car minutes before his Audi R8 went up in flames.

“I saw a cloud of smoke ahead of me. The car was unable to straighten up after a slight bend and went into the field and caught fire. I thought he was dead. My brother dragged him out,” said eye-witness Almeno Antunes.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo- Ferrari 599 GTB

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo owns many cars. The 33-year-old Portuguese will not be so worried if one of his rides has a problem. He will just take it back to the garage and jump to the next of his many supercars. However, one day on his way to training during his Manchester United days, CR7 crashed his Ferrari 599 GTB worth £200k. The winger escaped unhurt but the car was badly damaged.

1. Wayne Rooney- Range Rover, Aston Martin, Lamborghini

Everton striker Wayne Rooney is probably the king of car crashes in football. The former Manchester United captain has crashed his £65k Range Rover, £170k Aston Martin, and £40k Escalade. The legendary goal scorer was also lucky to miss few vehicles when he lost his way driving his Lamborghini Gallardo a few years ago. The former England skipper is a lucky man to be alive.

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