#InternationalWomensDay2018 : Top 5 Stars brought up by Single Mothers in hardships

#InternationalWomensDay2018 : Top 5 Stars brought up by Single Mothers in hardships

Development of footballers like every other child needs both parents. Boys, for instance, need their fathers for some important skills that make up a man. They include identity and affirmation. These roles might sound simple but they do trouble many teenage boys. So when a boy is raised by a single mother, it is a serious challenge. Today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day,  we look at five famous footballers raised by single-mothers.

5. Arturo Vidal- Bayern Munich


Bayern Munich and Chile star Arturo Vidal was raised by his mother Jacqueline Pardo in a poverty-stricken neighborhood in Chile Capital.

Vidal father Erasmo Vidal separated with his mother when he was only 5 years. This happened after an altercation involving a bed his parents used at the time. Vidal was forced to become the ‘Man of the house’ to help out his mum who was working as a cleaner.

Vidal has been the breadwinner for his family ever since. In an interview with Sportsmail Vidal said:

‘My mother has worked so hard,’ he said. ‘Of course, I help with everything I can. I feel responsible for my younger brothers and long assumed a parental role, I’m like a father and a model figure, I really like it and I do fondly.’

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4. Memphis Depay- Lyon


Former Manchester United star Memphis Depay was also raised by his mother. His father left them when he was only four years old. When he signed for the Red Devils, he revealed why he does not want to print ‘Depay’ in his shirt. This is because he does not recognize his father contribution in his life.

“Those things are a part of my life. It is not a part of football. It is a different thing. I have a life next to football,” said Memphis.

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