COME SEE ME- Top 5 Current & former Footballers With Wonderful MUSEUMS

COME SEE ME- Top 5 Current & former Footballers With Wonderful MUSEUMS

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo delivered his 5th Ballon d’Or to his Madeira Museum and invited fans to visit. The former Manchester United winger lifted his fifth World Best Player award in Paris to go level with Lionel Messi. The individual awards came after the 33-year-old helped his club lift another UEFA Champions League crown. The Los Blancos also reclaimed their La Liga title since 2012. Today, we, therefore, take a closer look at other footballers with personal museums across the World;

5. Lionel Messi Museum

Location: Barcelona- Spain


German footwear giant Adidas opened a mini-museum in the center of Barcelona in honor of the Legend of the City and the Club Lionel Messi. The mini-museum called ‘’Museo Adidas & Messi’’ includes a store with all merchandise related to the footballer e.g shirts and boots.

Fans shopping at the store have a chance to visit the second part of the museum where they can see the five Ballon d’Or awards the Argentine has won, all awards, trophies, famous jerseys and boots among other memorabilia used by the star over the years.

4. Johan Cruyff Museum

Location: Barcelona-Spain


Johan Cruyff is a celebrated Dutchman in every sense but the City that has shown real love to the former great is Barcelona. He helped them win their first title in 14 years in 1974 and went on to help them win their first Uefa Champions League title in 1992.

He trained players like Ronald Koeman (Holland Coach), Pep Guardiola (Manchester City Coach) and Luis Enrique (ex-Barca Coach) among others in a team called ‘The Dream Team’. The former Barcelona star is credited with the introduction of ‘Tiki-Taka’ football in Barcelona. The system is still in use to date.

The Museum is located in El Born district of Barcelona. It has all his famous shirts, trophies, boots, contracts and casual wear among others.

3. Diego Maradona Museum

Location: Buenos Aires- Argentina


Alberto Perez, a collector is the owner of the museum located in Diego Maradona former home. The former forward helped Argentina lift 1986 World Cup. He also won a number of Copa America titles with the Selecao.

In the club level, he started off at Boca Juniors then went on to play for Spanish giants Barcelona and Italian side Napoli. All his success is showcased in the museum including his first ever contract.

“We raised Diego in Argentinos Junior … We can’t forget what Diego meant for the club and for the neighborhood. At the world level, they know us because of him,” said the proud collector.

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