DROP THE BALL PICK THE MIC: Active Footballers Connected To Singing

DROP THE BALL PICK THE MIC: Active Footballers Connected To Singing

Over the years, plenty of professional footballers have fancied themselves as singers and have never been afraid to get behind the mic. Hoddle and Waddle, John Barnes and our own Robbie Keane are famous examples. But today we look at Active Footballers only.  

4. Clint Dempsey

United States midfielder Clint Dempsey was one of the first footballers to go professional in the music business, triggering his alter ego Deuce when he gets on stage to rap. Dempsey can often be found recording his work inside a studio, and often performs at live events hosted by Major League Soccer. 

3. Wayne Rooney

This might be the worst singer on the list; but made it to the list anyway, as he is good pals with the A-Team star, four-time Grammy Award winner, Ed Sheeran. And the English international recently promised to sing at Ed Sheeran’s wedding whether he likes it or not. 

If Rooney keeps his promise, despite not being able to hold a tune, he might be watched by millions; a larger platform any footballer on this list would ever get. 

2. Paul Pogba

The former world transfer record, Pogba has featured in more than 6 trending videos involving singing. Namely, “Romelu Lukaku, Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard performing Anthony Martial’s chant”; “Pogba singing ‘Man’s not hot’ on the red carpet with Big Shaq”; “Pogba and Evra performing Marvin Gaye’s classic ‘Let’s get it on’”; etc. 

1. Patrice Evra 

The French defender has become a bit of an internet sensation recently with his social media videos, often spreading as much peace and happiness as he can cram into a clip for all his followers to revel in.  

Former Manchester United full-back, Patrice Evra, has his way to spread his love of life through Instagram every Monday; posting a video of himself singing along to famous songs. 

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