SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Top 10 Footballers’ Children Look A Likes

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Top 10 Footballers’ Children Look A Likes

Usually, fathers are supposed to be close to their daughters and mothers to their sons. However, even fathers and sons share a very special bond. Not a fact, but footballer’s sons tend to look like their fathers. Let’s look at some Footballers’ Children At The Almost Same Age.

10. Leo and Fernando Torres

      Torres and Olalla Domínguez’s only son, Leo is almost everywhere his dad is and seen in ever t-shirt his father wears; from clubs to the national team. Leo is only 8 and had to predict his future, but his similarities with Fernando can’t be hidden.

9. Milan and Gerrard Piqué

Since early 2011, Piqué has been in a relationship with Colombian singer Shakira. Piqué and Shakira share the same birthday but she is 10 years older. The couple has two kids, but Piqué shares a lot with his son, Milan.

8. Luca Celico Leite and Kaká

Kaká married his childhood sweetheart Caroline Celico on 23 December 2005 (to divorce 10 years later). The couple had two children; son Luca Celico Leite (born 10 June 2008) and daughter Isabella (born 23 April 2011); like most on the list Kaká share a lot with Luca.

7. Benjamin and Luis Suarez

One of the proudest fathers; we remember back in 2013, while in Liverpool, Suarez took Benjamin in front of 45,000 screaming fans. Dietmar Hamann summed up the mood on Twitter. “Is Suarez walking on the pitch with his newborn baby the most bizarre thing ever? What’s going on?” he tweeted.

6. Niccolò and Andrea Pirlo

Married in 2001, Pirlo and his wife Deborah Roversi have two children: son Niccolò (born 2003) and daughter Angela (born 2006). The 15-year-old really looks like his (then) father’s duplicate.

5. Enzo Alves and Marcelo Vieira

Married in 2008, Marcelo and his longtime girlfriend Clarice Alves, had their first child, a son named Enzo Gattuso Alves Vieira on 24 September 2009. Enzo needs no DNA test to prove he is Marcelo’s; just an eye on him and you know.

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