FOOT-SEXY: SEVEN Hottest Daughters of Famous Footballers

FOOT-SEXY: SEVEN Hottest Daughters of Famous Footballers

Footballers don’t only have sexy wags to share their life with, but also stunning daughters as well. Obviously, the sportsmen as we can imagine are so protective and tend to keep their children out of the cameras and all the drama in media; but can they?

7. Dalma Maradona – Daughter of Diego Maradona

Even though she is 30, she looks like a girl in her early 20s.

As The daughter of the legendary Barcelona alumnus, World Cup winner, and a contender for the prize of greatest ever footballer Diego Maradona. The least we can say is her life was full of ups and downs, Given the troubles her Argentine legend father has been through over the years.

Dalma is a model, actress and singer and a typical Latina; thin, beautiful and she also sports an hourglass figure. Her sister, Giannina, is ex-wife of Argentine and Manchester City ace Sergio Aguero.

6. Matilde Mourinho – Daughter of Jose Mourinho

As the daughter of arguably the best manager nicknamed ‘The special one’ current boss of English Premier League giants Manchester United.She is a stunning brunette, with a deep-set tan and a killer body. The only question is if you break her heart, will Jose make you train with the reserves?

5. Danielle Favatto – Daughter of Romario

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Brazilian legend Romario is one of the best strikers of all time. But one thing is for sure his daughter is a total package. Not much we know about Danielle Favatto; except, she is an active and avid user of social media, Favatto posts pictures of herself on Instagram regularly.

However, She’s the typical Brazilian girl: tanned, thin and with a killer body.

4. Valentina Allegri – Daughter of Massimilano Allegri


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Massimilano Allegri has had an impeccable career. Though he’s enjoyed many proud days as a manager and player, nothing can be compared to the amazing prize one can get in life which is a beautiful daughter.

She is your typical 21-year-old girl; stylish, obsessed with social media and quite willing to show-off and currently in a relationship with an Italian motocross racer.

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