GOLD-DIGGERS: Khloe Kardashian Has Dated Enough NBA Stars To Make a Complete Basketball Team

GOLD-DIGGERS: Khloe Kardashian Has Dated Enough NBA Stars To Make a Complete Basketball Team

The Kardashians are so talented when it comes to dating superstars. But Khloe Kardashian is the QUEEN of queens in attracting NBA stars and rappers. Some invest millions to get her and end up in break-ups though! The 33 years old Kardashian has dated enough basketball players to make a starting lineup. How well would the Kardashian lineup do if every player was in their prime? Forgot about rappers, here are the NBA Stars dated by Khloe Kardashian by positions.

5. Center: Tristan Thompson (Cleveland Cavaliers)

❥The day I met you, my life changed. Thank you my love!❥

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After weeks of speculation, Khloe Kardashian announced she is pregnant with Tristan Thompson’s child. Cleveland Cavaliers starter Thompson has been dating Kardashian since August 2016. “They are really cute,” Khloe’s mom, Kris Jenner, said. “She’s having a good time. He seems like a really nice guy.” The couple resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

4. Power-Forward: Lamar Odom (Former Los Angeles Lakers)


Khloe Kardashian star married former Lakers player Lamar Odom back in September 2009, just one month after they met. Things turned out so bad and the pair split in 2013. The Kardashian star put her divorce from Odom on hold in October 2015 after the former NBA star overdosed at a legal brothel in Nevada. After helping him recover, Kardashian filed for divorce for the second time in May 2016.

3. Small-Forward: Rick Fox (Former Los Angeles Lakers)


In May 2015, the Reality Tv show star briefly dated retired NBA player Rick Fox. The pair went on a date at Mexican hot spot Casa Vega in L.A.’s Sherman Oaks neighborhood. “It looked to be a fun date.” One observer said about the duo, who chose to sit at the bar together. “She seemed happy.”

2. Shooting-Guard: James Harden (Houston Rockets)


After splitting from French Montana for the second time in December 2014, and briefly romancing Rick Fox, Kardashian moved on to basketball player James Harden. The pair met at Kanye West’s birthday party in June 2015. They broke up in February 2016 after Harden helped support the reality star throughout Lamar Odom’s health scare.

1. Point-Guard: Rashad McCants (Former Minnesota Timberwolves)


Khloe dated the NBA player Rashad McCants in 2009. During a November 2009 episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, “the E!” personality claimed that McCants had cheated on her. The athlete later told the New York Post that they “made the whole thing up” for TV. This former NBA player claimed that dating Khloe Kardashian cost him millions.

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