BOOTS LEAGUE: Top 6 HIGH-CLASS Soccer Boots helping Stars Shine in 2018

BOOTS LEAGUE: Top 6 HIGH-CLASS Soccer Boots helping Stars Shine in 2018

Football can never be complete without the kits. This is part of the reason why we enjoy watching the game, especially on television. All the beautiful colors and designs add something special to the game in a way that only our eyes can properly explain. Today, we take a closer look at 6 football boots helping stars chase the big trophies for their respective clubs. Messi seems to be ahead, this is why.

Here are our top six choices;

6. Puma evoSPEED 1.4 SL


Forget about the custom or tailor-made boots available on the market, this boot looks very comfortable for any footballer looking to influence a match in a special way. It is up there with the rest.

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5. Alexis Sánchez Boots- Mercurial Superfly VI Elite soccer cleats


The list can’t be complete without digging in to find what magic lies in the boots of Manchester United star Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean wears Mercurial Superfly VI Elite soccer cleats to try and help the Red Devils lift a trophy this season.


The secret is simple, a specially made boot called Alexis Sánchez Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Elite. The ball seems to be saying ‘Yes Sanchez’ every time he gives it a touch.

4. Paul Pogba Boots- Adidas Predator 18+


Manchester United star Paul Pogba, Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic, Arsenal playmaker Mesut Ozil, and Tottenham Hotspurs star Dele Alli are enjoying the season with custom-made boots called Adidas Predator 18+.

“When designing the Predator 18+ we wanted to create the most innovative boot on the market while staying true to the very ethos of what made the Predator such an iconic boot,” Adidas vice-president of design Sam Handy said.

“We wanted to create a boot for those players who control the game through a killer touch or defense-splitting pass.

“The new Predator will provide athletes such as Paul Pogba and Dele Alli with the tools they need to maximize their own creativity, such as the introduction of a control skin and a new hybrid stud configuration to support the dynamic movement required for professional athletes.”

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