MUST WIN: Top 6 Special TROPHIES every Footballer want to WIN before Retirement

MUST WIN: Top 6 Special TROPHIES every Footballer want to WIN before Retirement

Every single day we all come together in football stadiums to enjoy matches. Some seat in front of television screens all over the World to witness the magic of the beautiful game. They fight for coveted trophies including the World Cup. For a total of three weeks, the entire globe stops to watch their very own or their neighboring countries take on the very best the World has to offer.

Today, we decided to get into the details of the trophies. Football stars fight so hard to win. We will try to decipher what they are made of, how they were made and who has lifted the most.

6. Copa America trophy


South America, Central and North America countries battle for the coveted Copa America crown. In 2016, Chile defeated Lionel Messi side Argentina to win the brand new trophy produced to celebrate 100 years since the competition started. It is the oldest tournament on earth started in 1916.

The new trophy has a height of 75 centimeters/29.5 inches and weighs 9 kilograms. Unlike the World Cup which is dominated by Brazilians, Copa record is in favor of Luis Suarez nation Uruguay who has lifted the trophy 15 times, 1 more than bitter rivals Argentina. The Samba nation has only won it 8 times.

5. AFCON Trophy


Confederation of African Football (CAF) was founded in 1957 by four countries namely Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and South Africa in Khartoum, Sudan. The first continental competition was held in the same year but only three countries participated because South Africa was banned due to apartheid policies practiced in the country.

Egypt has won a record 7 AFCON titles while Ghana and Cameroon have lifted the trophy four and five times respectively. Like in Europe, countries winning it three times in a row have been allowed to retain the trophy. Ghana and Cameroon have therefore been allowed to retain two first versions of the trophy. The current version was first introduced in 2002. A young Cameroon side lifted the trophy in 2017.

4. Euro trophy- Henri Delaunay Cup


Henri Delaunay Cup also is known as Euro trophy is without a doubt the third most popular trophy because of the caliber of most of the countries involved. The trophy was designed by Arthus-Bertrand company in 1960 and named after UEFA first-ever general secretary Henri Delaunay. Henri was also French Football Federation President at the time.

The current trophy lifted by Portuguese Captain Cristiano Ronaldo is the second updated version which was first lifted by Spain Captain Iker Casillas in 2008. It is 18 centimeters high and weighs approximately 2kg. Germany and Spain are the most successful countries with 3 titles each and France comes 3rd with two trophies.

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